About us

The specificity of the ARTeast Foundation lies in a strong conceptual footing and a responsiveness to the cultural and social phenomena found in the local environment, in East-European society and in international contexts. On an ideatic level, the Târgu-Mureș reality provides an important source of inspiration for the cultural activity of the institution. This environment, with its unique complexity, leads to topics like the problematics of national identity (in view of the relationship between the two ethnic communities – Romanian and Hungarian –, of approximately equal populations in the town), the power relations of public space, activating vernacular phenomena and parallel histories, as well as the situation of art, with regard to all of these factors. The foundation’s main objective is to connect the local art scene to the international and European cultural landscape, with a specific attention to keeping contact with expat artists, and addressing topics of local society. The activity of the ARTeast Foundation consists of organizing solo and group exhibitions, media art shows, events with artistic interventions, symposiums.


The old County Hall Building in Târgu Mureș is a two-storey baroque building in Bolyai Square nr. 5, which served as the official administrative location for the seat of Maros County (beefor Szék: a local, Secler administrative unit), as well as Maros-Torda County between 1745–1943. The oldest part of the building probably dates back to the 17th century. Part of it was property of Szalai György, who was convicted for treason in 1711, all of his property expropriated by Maros Szék County. The remaining part of the building was bought by the County, but since it proved small and unsuitable for the offices, it was extended between 1744-1745. In 1838 the County acquired the adjacent plot from the Calvinist College, and they built another wing for the building, which was used from 1842. (Keresztes Gyula: Old Buildings of Târgu-Mureș) At present, it hosts the studios of the local filial of the Romanian Artists’ Union.