B5 AiR 2024 – B5 Studio Artist in Residence Programme
6 May 2024 15 November 2024
After the curatorial turn, artistic content is created and mediatised on a number of levels. The curator takes a more creative and active role – working not from outside the artistic process, but from an
internal perspective. And the artist, who has long been a curator of him/herself and of other artists, of other contents and platforms, is always finding new roles for him/herself. Contemporary art transcends the context of the exhibition, but it does not abandon its original forms of realisation, and collaboration is a recurring motif at many junctures.
It is this complex set of relationships that the B5 Studio’s 2024 AiR programme attempts to capture. In addition to the traditional framework of residency programmes, our aim is to explore different models of Collaboration.

Our basic idea is that dialogue and collaboration open up possibilities whereby actors are able
to transcend the context (1+1= MANY).
Bartha József és Ungvári-Zrínyi Kata