In memoriam Birtalan KÖLÖK Zsolt
13 30 November 2022

Zsolt Birtalan – “Kölök” was a distinctive figure in the cultural scene and community of Târgu Mureș, despite the fact that he mostly lived in isolation from the public that could have received a lot from him…
The aim of the exhibition is to introduce Kölök to the public in Târgu Mureș who did not know him and to commemorate him among those who did. In B5 Studio, we will create a space of remembrance through installations, and then invite all those who are gathered to participate in a discussion, as Kölök would have done.
Kölök’s rich culture, his non-conformist and critical perspective are the tools that can bring together those who knew him with those who might have known him or who need to know the manifestations of such a character in order to think about Târgu Mureș and about culture in a more open or deeper way.