Exhibition view, Plugged - Unplugged 1 (White Night of the Art Galleries), B5 Studio, Târgu Mureș, 2020. On the left: Pál Szacsva Y, Another Finger Exercise, 2005, video projection. On the right: Roland Farkas, Change 03, 2013, video projection. Photograph: József Bartha

In the last few years, the B5 Studio has turned its limelight on the ARTeast archive, hosted in the institution. If the material traces of several decades worth of artistic activity are not conserved as museum material, their content remains live. Connected to ourselves and our present, handled creatively, and shared with others, the archive becomes more than mere dead matter, piled up over the years: it’s reality, opened like a book, and it expands itself, gaining new connections. In the case of the present exhibition, the archive intersects with the present in the Minitremu Art Camp. In the workshop held by Bartha József, the pupils of the camp worked with 4 videos from the ARTeast archive – with their own performances they created the photo-storyboards for the videos (the method was previously used by Bartha József and Miklós Szilárd in their educational practice). Alongside the original videos and their storyboard adaptations, the exhibition also displays the names of all the artists/curators/art theoreticians who appear in the archive. We can choose anyone from the cloud of names and look them up in the ARTeast library inside; according to the logic of Plugged/Unplugged: the archive comes to life in different forms, depending on what we switch on from it.